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Title: Oxford Language Teaching Series 7 volumes

By OUP Oxford
Publisher: OUP Oxford
Published time: 1989
Language: English
Product size: about 17.8 x 24.8 cm per volume
Packing: plain
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A useful resources for in-depth treatment of topics which can only be referred to briefly in general courses.




Discourse analysis – the study of spoken and written language in its social and psychological context – can provide important insights for the language teacher. Discourse explains the relevant theory and applies it to classroom activities designed to improve students’ discourse skills. The teacher is then shown how these activities may be further developed in specific teaching situations.

Testing is only one component in the evaluation process. This book shows how this process can form an integral part of teaching and learning, how it can provide teachers and other ELT professionals with valuable data that can be used to inform, and develop classroom practice. It both examines the principles underlying evaluation and provides practical guidance in the planning of evaluation activities.

How do learners learn to speak a foreign language? What different approaches have been developed to teach this important skill? Speaking deals with both these questions, providing clear explanations of recent research and developments in methodology. In the final section the author suggests practical ways in which teachers can gain a better understanding of the role of oral classroom activities.

This book places reading firmly in its social context, discussing what it means to be a reader in the modern world. It contains many innovative ideas on how to approach reading in the language classroom, and presents a variety of text-related exercises and activities. The final section invites teachers to explore the attitudes of their own learners as readers, and to design reading activities for them.

Writing provides an introduction to both traditional and more recent approaches to the teaching of this skill, and shows how current teaching materials put these approaches into practice. The reader is encouraged to think about the reasons for teaching writing, and to see how many different types of writing – factual or creative, public or personal, business or academic – can be brought into the language classroom.

Grammar provides the practising language teacher with a clear and straightforward overview of this complex subject. It describes the nature of grammar, its role in language learning and language use, and how it can be taught most effectively. Using examples from published materials, the book invites readers to apply these ideas in their own teaching. There is much of relevance for teachers working within both traditional and innovative syllabuses..

How are words and idioms organized in a language? How are they learnt and stored? Vocabulary explains the ways in which the various theories relating to these questions have been applied in both teaching and reference materials. A wide range of examples illustrate the text, and will help readers to evaluate and adapt the vocabulary materials they use in their own classrooms.

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